WA Commercial Cabinets

Accomplished craftsmen who specialise solely in their field, be it timber, metal or glass, are easy to find. It is rare to find someone who understands the qualities of all these mediums, who knows how to combine them successfully and who sees their potential.

This is WA Commercial Cabinets's special talent. We bring together the finest materials to create exquisite cabinetry and furniture with a flair and panache that is beyond the ordinary.


Through the test of time WA Commercial Cabinets has become one of Western Australia's foremost manufacturers of premium quality crafted furniture and metalwork for restaurants, shopfitting, offices and private homes. The imaginative cabinetry we create today uses the latest in modern technology, yet is founded upon the cumulative experience of generations of family tradition. We have achieved a solid reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, choice of materials, meticulous attention to detail, and economy of time and cost.


WA Commercial Cabinets

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